Light Waves In the Night

Away along the winding road

Away along the winding road
A bee flew down beside a toad
And on his back he skipped a beat
Then climbed right down upon his feet to meet and greet the feat of Pete by toasting the town and beating his meat

but this is not to say and pay the wurst is curst or durst is burst but only that he’s claiming first and now upon his thrown he seeks a million dollars to sneaks a peaks at Looky Lue and Sisters U

she pets one down upon his crown and lays wide open to thrust his scope in it’s nice and dampt, her legs are clamped, she won’t let go he’s in her throws and so he grows and now he knows her once again he’s in her skin and

Down Down he’s going to Drown Deep in her pool right after school so now he comes to beating drumbs she bites a squeeze, about to queeze, he’s on his knees needing to Pleas but she won’t stop until he drops down to the floor wanting know more

His gun is done he’s had his fun she knows him now there goes the plow and now you know about the show so let’s just end with one last bend until we meets beneath the sheets

so here you go now that you Know she’s more and more and you’re the bore

so lay down down your thorny crown and let her sing just one last thing before she goes to gets to Knowes the next great Fling hooked in the String who thinks he’s king and sneaks a peaks at her great leaks while down you go straight down the hoel so here it comes without the drums

you’re on your back she’s gaining track so here she goes she One she knows so shut your trap and take a nap while Mama sings her baby things to shut you up just like a pup so close your eyes while Lovely cries these things to you that slew the crew of seemen knew who came in queue and blew their goo and drew a clue in lieu of two and through a view that spew the glue you made a who after your woo and so

Ewe, you,
U’s a little sheep,
Yue, ew, one ü wanna keep,
Yew, Jew, just give a little creep
And yhoul fawn Bæch asheep.

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